Map of Diplomatic Corps
DC Map
Aeldiskaa Elf, Half-Elf and Drow
Bob Human
FangJaw Ogre
Jherrdja Centaur, Kzinti and Harpy
Kauksis Draconian, Lizard-man and Troglodyte
Khazdul Orc and Half-Orc
Ljolsafar Dwarf and Duergar
Midgaard Beastmaster Ent and Gargoyle
NHUG! Giant
Nranthos Gnome and Deep Gnome
Ralbo Breadhand Halfling
Skratti Goblin and Kobold
Asterion Minotaur
Azrahrn Demonseed
Esseirt'u High Elf and Sprite
Genizah Golem
Hiisit Troll
Homa Griffin
Lorkimornysy Hobgoblin and Tuataur
Quaghmos Dragon

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Collection of hints based on a list originally made by Artax/SePadre, used
with his kind permission. You are welcome to copy it and host it elsewhere.

DC quests revamp/nerf has been scheduled since mid-2013. The following occured on 26th Dec 2014.

Qismat chats 'I laughed when that site was released.'
Saci chats 'laughted why?'
Qismat chats 'It is the embodiment of people shooting themselves in the face.'
Qismat chats 'I think that was the final straw that led to the DC nerf.'
Qismat chats 'Trivialise the quest and remove the justification for the prizes, you see.'
You chat 'You are aware the DC quests never got nerfed?'
Qismat chats 'It's in the queue. :)'